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Made of Japanese Teijin original PC material

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Products can be customized according to customer's special requirements

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LED lamp tube shell is made by suspension production process
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LED lampshade customization, packaging tube customization, plastic strip customization manufacturer

Dongguan Juli Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.’s main products include LED double color tube, aluminum plastic tube, fluorescent lamp housing, PC cover, seamless packaging tube, fluorescent lamp holder, plastic hose, luggage line, aluminum plastic tube Tube, aluminum-plastic round tube, integrated lamp housing, horizontal plug light). The main specifications of the product include: T10 (outer diameter 30mm), T8 (outer diameter 26mm), T6 (outer diameter 20mm), T5 (outer diameter 15mm), and products can be customized according to customer’s special requirements to fully meet customer needs.
M2 Self-built factory
National Invention Patent Certificate
Customers witness growth together
JULI Plastic Condensed over 30 years of experience in production research and development technology accumulation "Smart" made hundreds of products with different specifications
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  • 未来两年LED铝塑管产业将持续出现整并潮

  • 聚利实业开工大吉,生意兴隆

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